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Coaches have to divide their time between multiple teams, players, players' parents, coaching/club staff, personal lives, and stress through expectations of wins and losses. Though many would like to continue educating players, time is stacked against them. We focus just on education which allows you to learn what you need without interruptions.

we have playing and teaching experience.

We want to see the game grow and players develop. We know how important an education is to a long soccer career. For players, we want to be the tool that accompanies your technical skills training.


Throughout our careers we've witnessed and identified weak areas in many players' comprehension of the game. We respect technical ability which gets you so far, though additionally, being a smart player is important. With both, you then are a threat on the pitch. So we are here to breakdown the sport to help players have a wider insight to the game. We teach with an open-door for individual players but also groups such as: teams, organizations and programs.

we love Supporters!

We are passionate, we know you are too. Parents impact the soccer world... so we've created a place where you can learn and understand the basics of the game too. New fans of soccer, stop struggling and come learn as well! We'll explain what you see on the television, and our courses help you engage and connect more in conversations. Whether you want to be a player, broadcaster, or a life long fan - you're all invited and welcome to learn!

WE ARE here for you.

This is an opportunity to learn soccer's fundamentals! We encourage teams and programs to take our courses so we can help your players be on the same page.

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Are you interested in a course for yourself? A team? A program or organization?

We offer the 9 courses individually or altogether in a package.

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You'll receive a reminder notification prior to your first course then attend the course(s) you're registered for.

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Refer our courses! Also, check out our additional services. Talk Soccer LLC is a full in-house education, advisory, and evaluation soccer service company for teams, coaches, managers, parents, and players.

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1. Courses
9 courses: book the day and time that works for your availability, then complete all courses within the registered season.

2. Age
We believe the earliest learning age for our courses is 10 years old. At this age, players can benefit by becoming familiar and being prepared for their future roles on the vast 120-yds full field. We begin to build self-reliant players and strengthen their intuition so they are comfortable to perform when the time comes.

3. Your Attention
We prohibit cell phones during any part of our courses. We want your attention without the added distraction, also, so it does not distract others - we want everyone to have a positive learning experience. Think of it as: players on the pitch don't carry their phones while playing, we ask and THANK YOU for the same courtesy!

We are an off the field learning resource.




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